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This is a non-competing submission to COMO Game Jam IV. The theme was swipe.

 You have a mole problem in your back yard. How you choose to deal with these pests is up to you... Will you drown them in the pool? Or maybe cook them on the BBQ...Maybe their demise will be a little more akin to a Coen Brothers film...

In this virtual reality game, moles pop up in front of you - you grab them and toss them at various dangerous objects in your backyard.   There is a scoring system based on which obstacle you've hit. There is no time limit yet, but that is an intended design feature.

This is a prototype, so there is no menu and limited features... but the proof of concept is there.

Any and all feedback is welcome! Enjoy throwing rag-doll moles, friends!

Check out what we are currently working on here:


Swipe-a-Mole 22 MB

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