A downloadable game for Windows

Hover Havoc

Is a procedurally generated, endless, coin-collecting arcade game with vibrant pangs of 80's nostalgia. This project is a prototype that is likely to never be completed. If you love it let me know and I may resurrect it.

Check out what we are currently working on here:


"WASD" to move and "Space" to jump.

Install instructions

Download and launch the installer.


Hover Havoc 4 MB


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im tellin ya man you could make some money if you released this for mobile. I think I have the gamemaker extension for that on my computer if you need it.

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Thanks, geekdude! It has been so long since I've used GameMaker, I don't even remember GML very well - I think if I were to revisit Hover Havoc I would have to completely rebuild it in Unity. Yikes! I am also not sure I have all of my pixel art saved anywhere - so I might also need to remake all of them. Double yikes.

you cant retrieve the sprites from the game file? with mine it saves the images under filename.gmx /sprites/images but i may have a newer version than you do. 

I literally just had the installer .exe in my google drive and decided to throw it up on itch. BUT I did find the .gmx file today so all is not lost :)