Demo is Up!

Hello! We have just published our very first version of Handsy! Please remember this is a demo and it's not a complete game by any means.

Known issues:

  • No volume controls
  • No way to quit the game once you've decide to play (it's a trap!). Please use Alt-f4 or, if you are in windowed mode, just click the red "X" at the top right corner.
  • Many other features are missing:
    • Sounds
    • Animations
    • Gameplay...

We are not professional game developers, this is just a hobby for us. But if there is outside interest in us furthering our vision, we will most certainly continue to work on it! Please just let us know what you think of it.


Handsy! 127 MB
Jan 16, 2018

Get Handsy! (Demo)

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